Monday, August 21, 2017

Lifetime View Count Dropped On YouTube

6 months ago I looked and it was at 520,000 or so. So it's DROPPED 110,000 views in 6 months LOL. How does this happen? HAHAHA. OMG this is why I'm glad I don't care to make money off of YouTube - they keep changing shit and pissing off the ones who want to make a fortune off of it.

Not to mention the strange fact that it seems to be vanishing comments yet again. I'm not talking about the bizarre difference between actual comments and the count, I'm talking about they vanish.

I've had people say they commented and I can't find it. I've had notifications that someone replied to me and there is NO reply when I click the link. LOL. That works.

Then there is the fact that not ALL of my subscribers even see my videos in their feed. I mostly follow people who post every day and now and then they won't show in my feed. I will go to their page and there will be a video NOT in my feed. So no wonder views are down across the board. Not to mention comments being way down.

For that matter, I have NO comment filters set and now and then one will be in the to approve box - this should never happen. As well people I have marked as "always approve" go to the spam box now and then.

Seems the more complicated and fancy they try to make YouTube the less it works. I won't even start with the strangness of one channel not doing something that another channel I have can do... That is just over the top silly...

Anyways - keep an eye on your stats to see if you are getting screwed over... Oh and I lost 22 subscribers over night in the last sweep. LOL.

Instagram, Snapchat And Death Messages

This one is just to say, when did Instagram become Snapchat?

I mean these are cool to play with and all, but you know...

I was on Snapchat for I think 3 days. I did not see the point of it. I mean, unless people check it every day they would miss your post as it vanishes.

Then again freakin' Facebook is doing the same thing now as well. Seems a lot of services are. I'm just waiting for YouTube to have this kind of thing for a video - up for a day then POOF gone. Or at least be able to set the self destruct date.

Speaking of YouTube I keep a video set on schedule for 6 months down the road. Every month I change the date. Just in case I drop dead then 6 months later the I'm Dead message gets posted just to traumatize my friends. I'm kidding, but I'm sure someone thought of actually doing this.

For a short time (before they failed) you where able to buy a device that checked to see if you are alive. If not it shared a message on your social media 2 hours later that you had died. Now I thought of this idea then found out someone tried to sell these things already - so much for my get rich plans...

Can you imagine? The freaking thing breaks and does not know you are still alive. 2 hours later as you sleep your death message is posted. Then the next day people are pissed at you for this post... Yup I see a big problem here.

Personally I just want to keep the friends wondering what happened to me until they google "David Nicholson Obituary Moose Jaw" - and find out I'm dead. It's better that way I think - as they already think I'm dead and the shock is not there as it's expected...

I have joked that I want my friend to post a photo of my dead body on Facebook if he is the one that finds me. But that is just a joke - I'm not that sick and neither is he. Best thing is (with out googling to see), I bet someone has done this.

Anywho - I'm off to get another coffee... MMM coffee...

Why Do I Post Vlogs And Blogs?

So been posting vlogs on YouTube for over 5 years now every single day - before that kind of a long time every now and then.

The AxeMoose channel is my little bit of fun. I love to share my day with the people who follow me - some of whom have followed me for over a decade. I also love to see what they have to say and love to get a slice of their day as well.

I have never even thought of monetize as it's just not my thing. I'm just here to have fun and talk to people. Same with this blog, it's just an outlet and I love doing it - even though not many people ever comment and now and then I don't ever get as much as a +1 on the thing... For that matter if I get 15 views on a post it did good LOL. I've had over 200 on a few posts but never much on most of them. Hell some of them never topped 9... But I like the small amount of interaction I get and the fact that I get to just say things and someone someplace will read it.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Weight Loss, Just Doing It

So in March of 2016 I started to lose weight in a meaningful manner. I had a bit of a rough go of it this last few months as I been off the wagon more than on. But I'm back at it. At the start of recording my weight I was 465 lbs. Before that (2 years before that) I was 498 lbs. I really did not try hard to drop that first bit as you may have guessed.

The fact that I have lost this weight has been a blessing to my joints. But years of abuse from being VERY plus sized has done damage and stairs are still very hard for me to manage. In fact one of the big reasons I moved to where I am now is there is an elevator.

Way back when I could not even walk 1 block without stopping and resting for a while. 9 months into the weight loss in earnest, I was able to go 2 blocks before needing to stop. Now I can manage bout 5 or 6 blocks before needing to stop.

The sad note is I have damaged my heart with a long term extreme size so I will never be 100% again. The good thing there is the medication I am on is able to get me back to a functional level. Without it I would not be doing half as good. I still have a long way to go and it may just take years to get there, but I'm on it and won't give it up till I'm done.

Used To Hear It On The Radio Playlist

1 Peter Gabriel - Games Without Frontiers
2 The Animals - The House of the Rising Sun
3 George Harrison - My Sweet Lord
4 Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls
5 A Flock Of Seagulls - I Ran
6 The Clash - Rock the Casbah
7 Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round
8 Billy Idol - Eyes Without A Face
9 Simple Minds - Don't You (Forget About Me)
10 Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)